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Financial Planning

Today's financial climate offers unprecedented opportunities. At Creative Financial Strategies LLC, a member of the MassMutual Financial Group, our mission is to help clients take advantage of those opportunities by providing them with three key tools:

 1. A clear understanding of their financial goals

 2. A well-defined roadmap for achieving those goals

 3. Ongoing advice to help adjust their roadmap when their needs change.

Our services cover all areas of financial management, from investment and retirement planning to risk management and estate conservation. We specialize in helping our clients develop a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategy that fits their unique needs and enables them to meet both short- and long-term objectives.

Financial planning is a comprehensive process for setting and prioritizing your financial goals. It involves any or all of the following topics, Investments, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Tax planning and Insurance.  We advise clients on ways to save, invest, and manage their assets. We can address a specific financial goal—such as readying yourself to buy a house—or give you a macro view of your money and the interplay of your various assets. We believe it is important for all of our clients to have a sound financial plan. 

Now, more than ever, planning is the essential first step towards financial well-being. A good financial plan along with sound financial advice can help to make your financial future more manageable. When left to chance, your financial situation can drift from your goals. Your financial adviser can help you define your goals and stay on track.

Quality advice is hard to find. Personal Financial Planning focuses on providing sound financial advice for businesses and for individuals like you. We have a comprehensive approach that is focused on determining what is most prudent and beneficial for you.


What are the Benefits of Financial Planning?

Financial planning is the long-term process of wisely managing your finances to help achieve your goals and dreams, while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life. Remember, financial planning is a process, not a product.

Would you benefit by adding a Financial Planner to your team? A Financial Planner will focus on your unique picture, and work together with you.  The success of your financial life, and indeed your family life is our sole objective.  In these complicated times, the need is greater than ever to have confidence that you are focused and pointed in the right direction. 


Should You Use a Financial Planner?

Why leave your financial success to chance? You wouldn't build a house without a plan, or take a trip without a map, right? Your financial well-being is far too important a topic. It is important to have a handle on where you are and where you are going.

As you get older, busier and hopefully more wealthy, your financial goals – and options – get more complicated. A financial planner can help save you time. Financial planners can also help you remain disciplined about your financial strategies. Procrastination can cause all sorts of money problems or unrealized potential, so it helps to have someone on your team to help you stay on track.

How do I start?  The first step is to contact us today and set up a meeting with one of our Financial Planners.  We do not charge for an initial consultation so there is no obligation until we both agree that our Financial Planning Process is right for you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Advanced Planning
  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Asset Aggregation
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Income

Our Process

The financial planning process is a logical, six-step procedure:

  •  determining your current financial situation
  •  developing financial goals
  •  identifying alternative courses of action
  •  evaluating alternatives
  •  creating and implementing a financial action plan
  •  re-evaluating and revising the plan